Before the Age of Absense, there were many gods in the land of Angmer. They and their worshippers were frequently in conflict with each other, the "God War" between the Kingdom of Rosea and the Dar'eka Empire being only the most recent example, but the history of Angmer is filled with strife among the immortals who would frequently fight along side their worshippers.

After The Severing, the gods were no longer a presence in Angmer and they wouldn't be heard from for hundreds of years. The Kingdom of Rosea divided and shrank under an array of forces both external and internal until only the city of Levant was left. The Dar'eka Empire faired worse, falling quickly when their god's fertility blessings dissipated overnight and the land returned to swamps. The dwarfs retreated into their mountains while the elves immortal kings and queens withered and died in the absence of their gods.

Though the gods no longer made there presence known, they were not forgotten nor did their worship completely die off. Temples were still maintained, sacrifices were offered, and prayers were made. 

When Lord Cyne created the first God Tower in 0 AGT, the gods of Rosea returned. However, they no longer played such an active role in the day to day workings of the world. Instead, they they appoint StoneKeepers to do their work in the Kingdom. The twelve Dieties of Rosea are (stolen from 4E and "humanized"):

Goddess of change, luck, trade, travel
CG Trickery Three stacked wavy lines
God of justice, protection, nobility, and honor
LG Life, War Dragon’s head in profile
God of arcane magic, spring, beauty and the arts revered primarily by elves
CG Light Starburst
Goddess of civilization and invention
LN Knowledge Upper half of a clockwork gear
Goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy revered primarily by scholars, magic-users
N Knowledge Crook shaped like a stylized eye
God of the storm, strength and battle revered by warriors
CN Tempest Sword with a lightning bolt cross guard
Goddess of the wilderness and the sea
N Nature, Tempest Seashell with a wavelike swirl
God of creation, artisans, family
LG Knowledge, War Anvil
God of the sun, summer, agriculture and time
NG Life, Light Circle with six outwardly radiating points
Goddess of trickery, love, moon and autumn 
CG Trickery Crescent moon
The Raven Queen
Goddess of death, fate, winter
LN Death, Life Raven’s head in profile


Age of the God Towers Gremdel