Levant (The Neverfallen City)

Population: 101,000 (50% Human, 20% Elven, 5% Half-Elf, 10% Dwarf, 10% Halfling, 5% Other)

Levant is the capital of the newly reformed Kingdom of Rosea, being the only city to have survived both the God War and the subsequent Age of Absence. While still less populated than it was in previous ages, Levant has grown quickly in the past century. People come to work in the new dockworks, the multiple mills that line the River, or the stockyards. 

Lord Cyne is the official head of Levant, but as ruler of all of Rosea he has little time in the day to day operation of the city. Serae Holdstar is the current mayor of Levant, appointed by Lord Cyne in 112 AGT from the ranks of the city watch. 


Population: 13,000 (40% Human, 10% Elven, 5% Half-Elf, 15% Dwarf, 20% Halfling, 10% Other)

Founded only 10 years ago, Cliffsreach hosts the most recent God Tower to be erected. Ruled by Drass Stillmight, Cliffsreach is a bustling town at the base of the The Cliff. It guards the only road that goes up The Cliff.


Population: 43,000 (70% Human, 8% Elven, 3% Half-Elf, 10% Dwarf,  7% Halfling, 2% Other)

Hythe is the the only City In The Kingdom Of Rosea ruled by multiple StoneKeepers, the Doltala Triplets. In their mortal lives, the three sisters achieved many great deeds, but their most famous accomplishment was the killing of Snabnuss, a red dragon who made his residence in the ruins of Old Hythe. While the city of Hythe houses many artisans and serves as a vital inland trading city, it's most important role may be as the first line of defense against any dangers facing the kingdom. The Sisters are know for deploying their "hands" throughout the land to investigate and squash any dangers they perceive. More than a few Stonekeepers began their journey to semi-diety status by acting as one of the Hands of the Sisters.


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