Drasso Stillmight

Stonekeeper of the town of Cliffsreach


Those who have met Drasso describe her as appearing simultaneously extremely old and extremely beautiful; one particularly poetic but profane bard described her “like the stars on a winter night, but you want to fuck them”. She speaks in a whisper but her audience always hears every word. She dresses in simple clothes, usually a plain blue dress with a silver trim over grey pants and brown shoes.

Drasso Stillmight was a healer in the city of Levant, born sometime around the first year of the Age of the God Towers. Her skills as a healer were renowned and in great demand but she treated nobles, soldiers and beggars alike. In 37 AGT, she was killed in a gnoll ambush on the way to a plague struck mining camp.

In 117 AGT, 80 years after her death, Drasso was resurrected as a Stonekeeper by the god Sygnus and became steward of the city of Cliffsreach, which grew quickly around the newest God Tower. In her mortal life, Drasso was known as a quite, demur woman who spoke through her skills as a healer and often deferred to others for leadership. However, as a Stonekeeper, Drasso is decisive, firm, and quite willing to use force when necessary.

Although she died relatively young, around 40 years of age, she appears as a much older woman. As far as anyone knows, she has never spoken about the 80 years between her death and return.


Drasso Stillmight

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