A very curious dwarf druid who is more animal than human.


Strength: 11
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 10

HP: 34
AC: 14

Druid Circle
Circle of the Moon

Hide: Pikel’s hide armor has seen better days. Although it doesn’t seem to be from combat, but just from not being washed.

Shield: His shield looks to have been crudely carved out of oak. Little wear and tear seen.

Quarterstaff: Pikel carries the quaterstaff like it’s a part of him. For a second you get your hopes up and wonder what creatures he has slain with it, but then after closer inspection, you get the impression that he uses it to poke at hornets nest more often than in combat.

Club: His club looks battle worn in! As you look closer though, you see bits and pieces of walnut shells embedded into the club. That familiar thought comes into your head again; he might not use this club for combat that much.

(Can only prepare 6 level 1 spell or higher)

Thorn Whip

Level 1:
Cure Wounds
Earth Tremor
Speak with Animals
Fearie Fire

Level 2:
Animal Messenger
Flaming Sphere
Gust of Wind
Spike Growth
Beast Sense


Physical Description

Pikel stands 5’ tall and weighs in at a stout 225 lbs. Antlers stick out the top of his hide helm. Brown hair juts out the back that stops at his mid back. His brown eyes dart back and forth as he takes in all that is around him with vivid curiosity. The mighty beard that he carries on his face is dyed a dark green and is braided down the front of him and tied off at the end with some hemp rope. Around his neck, he wears an amulet that is carved into a unicorn. This carving is magnificent, best craftsmanship you have ever seen. Nothing like his crudely carven shield he has strapped to his back. The hide armor Pikel wears is rough at best and his leggings have also seen better days. There are no shoes to be found as he wiggles his toes into the earth smiling at you.


When Pikel was very young you could always find him running about in the woods. On days when his father wouldn’t let him leave the house, he would sit on the cottage’s front porch and day dream about playing in the woods. When he was but a wee lad of the age of 45 he set off into the hills and never looked back. That was 200 years ago, since then Pikel has had very little contacts with anyone other than the animals he befriends and frankly hasn’t thought about it in a very long time. His use for the common language has long been diminished, and he would rather use gestures and random noises than try to recall how to speak the langue he once knew ever so long ago. Hell, his animal friends seem to know what he wants to convey and he understands the gestures and other noises of the animals. So, he doesn’t see a problem with it. For the past year, Pikel has found out he can turn himself into animals he has met in the past. He loves this new-found ability. Whenever he is in animal form, Pikel finds that he is free to do whatever he wants, without the restrictions of his dwarven body. When he started to shift into animals though, a series of dreams started to come to him. Always the same unicorn showing itself to Pikel, trying to warn him about an evil. As time went on, the urgency of the unicorn’s message got harder and harder to ignore. Then one day, in the recent past, Pikel decided to take it upon himself to find and stop whatever the unicorn was trying to warn him about. Off he went into civilization, what he called the wild, to seek others that may want to help him.….


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