Metallic Bronze Dragonborn Bard (PC)


STR: 16
CON: 15
INT: 8
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

HP: 37
AC: 16

Spell List
0 – Light
0 – Mage Hand
0 – Prestidigitation
1 – Cure Wounds
1 – Feather Fall
1 – Thunderwave
1 – Unseen Servant
2 – Heat Metal
2 – Phantasmal Force
2 – Shatter

Bard School
The School of Valor


  • Half-Plate – Dark Burnt Bronze plate imbued with Light Bronze edging. The Dark sections are textured while the lighter portions are smooth and glisten with an electrifying gleam. The breastplate has a crude lightning bolt insignia across the upper left corner, The armor has seen considerable wear and abuse in combat but seems to be well maintained and repaired, the costs for repair far exceeding the cost of the armor, leading to the impression that the armor has some sort of sentimental significance.
  • Shield – A metal kite shield with the same patterns and colors as the half-plate armor, adorning the same crude insignia across the front of the face.


  • Warhammer – A Black warhammer with a head that has a crude and brutish appearance. The back of the head imbues a lightning strike, while the shape of the head appears to be a ripple of a thunder shock. The handle is dark grey and worn. Overall commonplace, say for three small notches carved out, post-forging, below the head on the left side.

Physical Description
Baelnorr stands at a blistering 6’9" towering over those who would oppose him. Bolstering at over 425lbs, on a good day, once he decides to stand his ground, he is a force to be reckoned with. The scales that cover his entire body flare with an atypical metallic shimmer and a dark bronze hue. On his face, there is a scar that covers his left temple down to the base of his jaw, arcing to just cross his left eye. This scar is constantly painted a vivid blue and at a glance, appears to take the shape of a lightning bolt.
The sight of his hollow pale blue eyes can cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand up if you find yourself on the receiving end of his piercing glare.
His arms, legs, and hands are stout and hardened, even for the commonplace Dragonborn. Agility is clearly not his strong suit.

Backstory – Culture
Dragonborns are not well known among the human culture. They often live apart from society in small clans in which their bloodline runs back generations living apart even from other bloodlines of Dragonborn. Humans and other races who do encounter a Dragonborn, to the dim-witted, see them as monsters, others, of intellect, hold a deep-seeded caution or fear, and tend to keep their distance.
Kinship runs deep in the minds of Dragonborn from birth and live in a state of mind that drives them to forsake all else in the name of their clan. Honor and respect are virtues that a Dragonborn seeks above all else. Dragonborns respect skill and excellence in all creatures. Often, Dragonborn are reared to be headstrong and stubborn in the face of potential defeat.
All dragonborn offer a clan name first and then their surname showing the importance of their clan, above the needs of any particular one.

Backstory – Personal
Niruth Baelnorr was born into the Niruth clan. A clan known, even among the Dragonborn society as the ancient descendants of the Metallic Bronze Dragon, Niruthelia. The fabled mother dragon of legend, who was the first to harnessed the deafening power of lightning.
Niruth Baelnorr’s parents died when he was very young, to a war with the Teovan clan. A rival clan, descendants to Teovanth, the ancient Metallic Blue dragon, originally he was the friend of Niruthelia and also harnessed the power of lightning, but never was able to control it was well as Niruthelia. He began to despise her and resent her for it eventually challenging her to become the most powerful of the lightning weilders, creating an lifelong feud between them that tore apart the countryside for a generation as they battled; spawning the endless rivalry between the Teovan and Niruth clans, in a constant war to become the most powerful bloodline.
Being an orphan in an environment build on kinship, Niruth Baelnorr always felt a sense of disconnect to his clan. With the disappointing lost that his parents encountered on the battlefield, Niruth Baelnorr was forced to endure for his life among the Niruth. He was rebuked from any true responsibility in battle and not offered any chance of his own to earn his honor and earn himself a true place in clan Niruth.
Not being able to hone his skill in combat, he turned to what he had, a gift of storytelling. He used this to get by as he grew, but once he reached early adulthood, he had had enough of being cast aside. He confronted Niruth Ronnuth, the leader of his clan, demanding a chance to earn his place among his brethren. Niruth Ronnuth, not taking a challenge well, offered a duel on the spot, in from of the entire clan between himself and Niruth Baelnorr. Niruth Baelnorr attempted to talk his way out of the duel, but once a Dragonborn has made up his mind, it nearly takes an act of a god to change it. With no weapon, Niruth Baelnorr was forced to improvise and attacked the nearest Dragonborn, stealing his sword, but by the time he was able to take a stance, Niruth Ronnuth was unleashing a barrage of savage attacks. With little combat experience, Niruth Baelnorr stood no chance at winning and he knew that. In spite of this knowledge, he dug deep into himself and had the courage to stand again, after being brutally knocked down by Niruth Ronnuth. As a sign of disrespect, Niruth Ronnuth decided to only wound Niruth Baelnorr, slashing him across the left side of his face, nearly cutting out his left eye. Forcing him to wear a mark of shame all of his days. Niruth Baelnorr knew he could no longer stand for this injustice and in his blood, wrecked state, stood and walked out of the Niruth clan, denouncing his clan name and leaving with his father’s armor and nothing more.

As the years went on, the wound healed, but the scar remained. Balenorr marks the scar with blue paint every day, as a reminder of the injustice done upon him, and as a lifelong task of creating a better clan, taking the two clans, Niruth and Teovan and uniting the clans as one. Or, if resistance is met, ending both clans and creating a new, better clan of his own.

Balenorr has traveled for many years, moving from small town to town, earning his keep and trust among other patrons of the towns, by hard work and glorious tales of his travels. All the while, remembering his true goal, and looking for those he can call his kin.


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