Age of the God Towers

Session Two

The Wizard's Tower

The Wizard's Tower

Upon Arriving at the Wizard’s tower, the group found someone unexpected. The odd man that visited them in their campsite the night before. They were welcomed in as old friends, offered mead and food. They met another adventurer, Sandraudiga, a female barbarian. She was a towering woman with an upbeat attitude that did not fit her intimidating presence. The group questioned the man about the mysterious collapse near Darkstone Mine. The man, who offered his name as Tane Clothwright, although as soon as he passed out of sight, for but a moment, he seemed to take the form of a woman, some species would even call this woman attractive. The wizard seemed to know about the odd happenings around the area and of the Rune'd box that the group was searching for. Tane then told them of the Kobold clan to the South near the lake. She/he also mentioned one of its old friend, Lisserath Milthrick. A very powerful man and that if we were to encounter the man, that for our own sakes, we should turn tail post haste. Giving the group directions to the lake, to retrieve the missing Rune'd box, the group decided to set off at first light to the lake. Tane offered the party food and a place to sleep for the night. The group looked at each other with a cautious eye, but ultimately decided to spend the evening at the tower. After all, Tane seemed to be quite hospitable and loved telling stories, almost as much as Baelnorr. Sandraudiga, Baelnorr, and Tane all regaled each other with tales of their previous conquests, some more far-reaching than others. Tane seemed to tell many stories of Lisserath, fighting side-by-side with him/her. All the while, Tane seemed to take on a new shape every story. The group and Sandraudiga quickly found that they would serve far better to travel together to attain their goals, than separately and that Sandi would be joining them at first light, to set off to the lake.

The Lake

While traveling South to the lake, the party assumed their typical roles of passing time. Arterious was high above scouting ahead and off chasing small game as he found them. Baelnorr and Sandraudiga continued to tell stories of past ventures. So many that it makes one begin to think of how many of these tales are actually theirs. Pikel walked along beside Baelnorr and Sandraudiga, mostly off the worn trail and in the thicker brush, listening intently to all the stories, occasionally growling, or purring as the story would influence. Upon first sight of the lake in the distance, Baelnorr and Sandraudiga looked up to Arterious, whom was no longer overhead. [Enter actual events of this time here]. The group looked at each other and Balenorr burst out, "Ha, birdmen! Must have seen some shiny thing off in the distance and couldn't help but venture off on his own. He'll be back, he always comes back."

The lake glistened in the morning sun as the group approached near it's shore. The sweet smell of freshwater overwhelmed the group and they couldn't help but feel a longing to wade in and enjoy themselves, but now was not time to become sidetracked. They have a job to do, with people counting on them. There will be time enough later to enjoy the pristine crisp water and gentle warmth of the sun.

The Cave

Upon arrival to the Cave entrance at the lake, the group runs into a small pack of Kobolds. They were very excited to have some travelers who would walk into their traps, but as they spotted a Dragonborn, they immediately changed their persona. They began to exclaim praise to see that an esteemed Dragonborn was among their presence. Sandraudiga began to clutch her enormous battleaxe, but Baelnorr stopped the barbarian, in hopes of gaining favor, and let's face it some new minions. They party followed the tiny Kobolds into their cavern, through a mouth with odd holes throughout. Into a small open area. A deep crevasse stretched out to both directions upon entering. Across a small bridge there was a small chair. Baelnorr's new throne, perhaps? The Kobolds ushered Baelnorr to have a seat, and like a gracious leader, Baelnorr obliged, despite the hesitation from Sandraudiga and the odd looks that Pikel gave.

As Baelnorr sat upon his new found seat, he had a fear that the small chair may not hold his enormous weight and as the thought that, he heard a click. Not a snap as he had anticipated, but a mechanical "click". Before he could realize what was happening, he found himself being launched into the air. Making a quick and abrupt stop as he crashed into what felt like thin silky vines. Just then, Pikel and Sandraudiga spotted the hairy, creeping, nearly silent, eight-legged monstrosity that also called this cavern Home. The group broke into fierce battle, obliterating the wretched deceiving Kobolds and their Giant Spider masters. Pikel assumed the role of a giant spider, himself. now fighting the other spiders and an odd urge within himself to turn into a puppet of the great spider of the cavern. Baelnorr spent a majority of the battle attempting to free himself of his silk imprisonment, while Sandraudiga cleared out the ground below of Kobolds, small spider swarms, and the Great Spider Leader. Just as Baelnorr made it to the ground, the spider attacked him, not issuing a lot of physical damage with the bite, but within seconds, Baelnorr found that he lost all control of his body and fell, paralyzed onto the ground. Sandraudiga finished off the great spider with a mighty swing of her battle axe, with a smile on her face, and a faint giggle with each massive swing. After the battle had ended, the two members that could move around, picked up (drug) Baelnorr out of the cavern in attempts for him to recover from the poison. As they made it near the mouth of the cave, they heard a slight rattle sound of glass on stone. A fiery eruption burst all throughout the tight corridor that they found themselves in. Not until the first explosion happened, did they realized the scorch marks all throughout the walls. A Kobold trap. The group quickly made their way out of the tunnel, taking on some new burn marks as they were licked by the flames intense bite.

A few hours passed outside. The members were able to gather themselves after such a treacherous betrayal and battle. With a scorned look in his eye, Baelnorr marched into the cave once again, but not as a friend of his new hosts. As soon as he made it to the fiery trap, Baelnorr let out a massive concussion of magical energy, a thunderous boom of energy crashed forth from him, the sound of explosions and echoing clap of thunder could be heard reverberating off the walls of the cave, deep into the bowels of the cavern.

The group flounced through the cavern, offering no quarters for any Kobold that crossed their paths, say for one. This one was a different green color, unlike the red Kobolds encountered so far. Tied up in what seemed to be a storage room; they decided to question this one, who named herself Night Tail. She said that she was being punished for her crimes against the new human leader that this group of Kobolds became subject to, recently. She said that she was not originally from this area, and that she has no real ties with this faction of Kobold. The group helped her rescue her pet, Hack. A young [Enter Dinosaur Type Here], which is very friendly to its master, Night Tail. The group questioned Night Tail further, getting information about Rohas, the clan leader, as well as a general layout of the cave. With the trust so freshly lost, Baelnorr opted to keep the Kobold semi-restrained and forced her and Hack to proceed down all the tunnels first, in case of traps or ambushes.



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