Age of the God Towers

The Tower on the Cliff

The river that came out of the mountains had many names among the various people who lived in the plains, forests, and hills near the river. The dragonborn called it Kr'thlic, "Mountain's Breath". The dwarves of the mountains called it Drostoak, which loosely translates to "Fast Ice". The few elves called it Mystis which they claimed had no common translation and the numerous humans called it by dozens of different names. However, the towering cliff that ran parallel to the river's west bank shared a common name among all the races: it could only be called The Cliff.

For hundreds of years, The Cliff was the edge of the world. It was over two miles tall in most places. They said that when the gods had left, they had climbed over The Cliff. Gifted magic users had climbed or flown to the top, but their tales of a different land above were quickly forgotten in the shadow of The Cliff.

Then 10 years ago, near the base, not far from the river's origin, in a matter of only a few hours a tower rose directly out of grey stones of The Cliff. Soon after the tower was complete, a woman appeared and organized workers and began the seemingly impossible task of building a road that scaled the entirety The Cliff. She told them about the return of the gods and how Lord Cyrna had reestablishment of the [[Kingdom of Rosea]].

Many people of various races joined her and soon the city of Cliffsreach was founded. The work on the road proceeded quickly, and was completed in only five years. Today, the road serves as the only link between Kingdom of Rosea and what has become called The Cliff Shadow.

Our heroes find themselves in the city of Cliffsreach looking for adventure and fortune. Whether they came from the Kingdom or the Shadow, all are welcome as long as they're willing to work.



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