Age of the God Towers

Session One

Darkstone Mine

Leaving Cliffsreach

Scurrying around Cliffsreach, Pikel went from this place to that, listening and learning about this strange culture that he has found himself in. Upon entering the city one morning, he overheard Dinane Brikbrow, the Dwarven leader of the caravans that frequented Cliffsreach and traveling to the Kingdom of Rosea; speaking with her second in command about the troubles they were having with a late shipment of goods from the mines to the north. Seeing opportunity to help, and possibly find some needed shiny trinkets that the people seem to exchange for goods or services, Pikel set off to find his old friends from the Mill to purr-suade them to join in his adventure.

One night with “working” the tavern by regaling the patrons with a mysterious and embellished tale of his heroism, Baelnorr ran into his old friend Artirious at the Vaulting Devil. They began to drink and regale of times of the Mill and other small jobs they worked together. As they drank, they overheard some of the customers talking about the mysterious Wizard’s Tower that has seemingly sprung up out of nowhere in the Mountains to the South. Curious of the odd tale, the two pursued more information about the tower, finding that all known roads to the tower seem to have collapsed. Intrigued by the tower, the two set off to question ones they feel would know more. Artirious went to Isabella, but was given the cold shoulder about the tower. Baelnorr asked one of his Dragonborn friends that he met in the city about one who may know more, and was directed to speak with Tag, the Halfling who owns the Half-stock General Store. Upon questioning Tag, they did not get the information they wanted, but what they needed. They were told of a shipment issue with Dinane’s caravan headed in from Darkstone Mine. Tag hinted that with motivation, Dinane would pay well to have her goods returned to her in a timely manner.

Heading to the gate, post-haste, they ran into an annoying cat that kept following them around, who turned out to be Pikel, attempting to get their attention. The three of them spoke with Dinane, and after settling on a large sum of GP to be paid upon return of the missing shipment, the group set off to the mines.

Venture to Darkstone Mine

While heading up the mountainside, the group decided to travel at a grueling pace, as the faster they got their job done, the more the stood to make on the deal. This plan did not serve them well, as when they got up the mountain path, they were unknowingly jumped by a wicked Phase Spider. This was the first time the three have worked together in battle since the Mill, but they fell upon the spider with all their force, as they found harmony in their attacks.

Finally looking around them, they noticed that they had stumbled into a wooded area with many more large and fresh spider webs, but decided to turn tail and venture on, as they did not want to stick around to see how many more giant spiders lurked about.

On their last night of travel, before reaching Darkstone Mine, in the twilight of the morn’, Baelnorr encountered quite the strange person who popped into their camp. Spoke of how he was a friend and not to be frightened, but Baelnorr’s past experience made him think that if one need say he is a friend and not to worry, there typically was cause to worry. Upon awakening his friends with haste, the man disappeared from sight, just as he had appeared, without a trace. The three attempted to track this mysterious man, but were left stumped when his tracks came to an abrupt end.

They came to the unanimous conclusion, that they should not delve here any longer, and pushed on to the Mines. Upon approaching the mines, not 20 minutes from the entrance, they found a questionably caused landslide. Two mules and three dwarves lie decrepit and torn asunder, half-eaten by the wildlife, at the bottom of the 150’ drop.

They investigated the goods at the bottom, but oddly found nothing of interest in the packs of the mules or not the persons. Nothing that would cause Dinane to get worked up, about. When the made it to the entrance of the mine, they spoke with Groth, a human of all races, running a Dwarven mine. He seemed to overly shocked by the news of his missing caravan, and set off with not time to waste to retrieve his fallen friends. When he got to the site, however, he seemed to pay no mind to the fallen dwarves but only focused upon the packs that the mules toted. Upon digging through the last pack, he let out a sigh. Artirious and Baelnorr picked up on the suspicious behavior from Groth and questioned him… aggressively.  Groth finally broke letting the group know about a stone artifact that they had discovered in the mine. A rune with Draconic engravings upon it. This must be what had Dinane so concerned. The group went to look for more leads to follow with the missing rune, but with no luck, they turned to the only place that seems to fit. When an mysterious artifact goes missing, look to the mysterious Tower that has also just came into being. Thinking this is no coincidence, the group traveled across the mountains, crossing the cavern where the bridge had fallen (or burnt).

Making it to the crooked, stone, spiral tower now commonly referred to as the Wizard’s tower, they forcibly knocked on the door, and who would open it, none other than the odd vanishing man who they encountered the night before.



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