Age of the God Towers


Enveloped by the vast shadow that The Cliff casts down extending across the farming plains near Cliffsreach, we find a small group of four fresh adventurers looking to put a small amount of coin in their pockets. Lead by Bekham Sedu, a grisly old veteran of the land, the group was set to keep peace in the farmlands from dangerous beasts and the occasional monster. With an inevitable storm approaching, Bekham recommended they take shelter in a mill ruin, from the past age.

As the group sits around the fire pit, they begin getting to know their fellow workers. Zip, a young and sprightly human lad. Born and raised from underneath the reach of the cliff, began sharing how he was excited to see more of the world. Bekham, hardened and slightly intoxicated man regaled the group with an old story of service, to stir the blood in the new adventurers. Baelnorr, a hearty Dragonborn Bard offered little information about himself besides a name an general information from his origins in the mountains far to the West. Pikel, a strange and dirt-soaked Dwarf offered little but a name and animal sounds. All the group was able to gather was that he came from the Mountains, possibly nearby. Artirious, a gangly Aarakocra perched near the fire. He began telling of who he was as the door to the mill burst open with a flash of lightning and crash of thunder, Jolee, a farmer’s eldest daughter entered in with pales of Springberrys. Following close behind was her three younger siblings. The group welcomed them to enjoy the fire and shelter the mill had to offer. As the night went on with the storm whirling all around, there was a thunderous crash from the roof as a large bolder came bursting through the decrepit roof. Upon inspection, the bolder had odd markings upon the surface. As Artirious inspected the markings, he realized what those represent, as he looked up he began to say, “I have seen these marks before… they are a…”; when suddenly there was a crash outside the door. Everyone went silent, as Zip headed to the door to see what was causing the noises. SLAM… the door blasted open coming straight down onto Zip, rendering him 1/3 the thickness as the weight of a Stone Giant crushed him beneath his massive weight as the giant stepped on the door.

Protecting the children, the group sprang into action. With Bekham’s dying breath, was able to subdue the Stone Giant inches before he was able to harm the children. With the Giants last breath, scratched a crude “V” into the ground, and effectively into the minds of all in the room. The group counted their blessings that they were able to survive an encounter with such a massive beast.

For The Next Three Months

Our three surviving adventurers all stayed around Cliffsreach pursing their own paths, but keeping in contact from time to time.

Pikel – for the next three months, he spent a majority of the time in the forests just outside of Cliffsreach. The time he did spend in town, he spent in animal form, so he was able to observe and learn about these fascinating and strange culture and its inhabitants, humanity.

Artirious – worked with Isabella Cornwallace, the Town Leader, working odd jobs as she saw fit to give this strange creature. He subtly began to notice that he was not getting the first tiered jobs, if any.

Baelnorr – periodically worked with Artirious on various jobs, and any pity jobs that Isabella would throw his way. He spent his evenings moonlighting as an enforcing bouncer at the Vaulting Devil. A quaint tavern, run by Prudence a feisty female Teifling who’s personality is as pleasant and body slamming a porcupine.



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