Age of the God Towers

Fireside Thoughts

<meta />As Pikel sits and stares at the fire that night. He misses his home and all his animal friends. Especially Eeeeee-Eeeeee, that squirrel could always find the best nuts. Although it has been tough for Pikel, he knows he needed to leave and find this evil that his haunting dreams have been about. He has come to like the companions he is traveling with. Sebastian is his favorite though because he is good at explaining some of the bigger words that Pikel doesn’t know into words that he can kind of understand. It seems too that some of his other companions aren’t good at words either so he doesn’t feel so bad. Speaking most of the common language is still very tough for Pikel. Some smaller words are starting to come back for him. It’s tough for him to speak in full sentences. He hasn’t spoken the common in almost 200 years. Animal speech is more a feeling than actual noises put together to make a word that then means something. When Pikel does want to speak a sentence, he needs to sit down for a bit remember how to speak them. It takes him a while to do this so he doesn’t do it very often, but as the days go by he is getting better and better at this. Pikel’s stomach starts to growl. He thinks about conjuring up some Goodberries, but decides to hunt for some nuts. Maybe he can find some tasty ones. Ones that would make Eeeeee-Eeeeee proud.



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