The New Age

The Age of the God Towers began and the Absent Age ended when the first God Tower rose above the city of Levant, the so-called Unfallen City. As the city was poised to fall a horde of gnolls, Lord Anthol Cyne forged the God Tower, rose to semi-dietism, and drove them back. In the years that followed, Lord Cyne tamed the surrounding areas and began to reclaim the land lost to the wilderness during the Age of Absence.

As heroes proved themselves and earned a god's blessing, Lord Cyne forged a new God Stone with which to found a new city on the edge of the expanding empire. The new God Stones were each tied to a single diety and a single hero who has been elevated to semi-diety status, called a Stonekeeper.

Stonekeepers are tasked with advancing the portfolio of their god and protecting the people who live under their God Tower. The gods gift their sub-dieties with great power but due to the lessons of the God War, limit their vassals in some ways. Some powers the gods seem to reserve for themselves, like the power to raise the dead.  Also, a Stonekeeper cannot travel or scry more than a few miles from their God Tower. As such, they need others to do the gods' work in the world.

Age of the God Towers

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